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About SMC

The Sing! Men's Chorus (formerly known as the Singapore Men's Chorus), or SMC, was formed in 2005 to provide an avenue for those interested in male chorale and present another form of choral music for the public to enjoy.

It all started with a chance meeting at a wine-tasting party between two men, Todd Katschke and Jason Ong, both active in choral music for many years. Since there was no men's chorus in Singapore, Todd and Jason decided to plug the gap.

After a first round of auditions in March 2005, SMC was born with 11 members. Practices were nomadic at first, held in various members' apartments each week.

Today, SMC has grown to over 30 members and has proper venues for practices.

We hail from all walks of life, and from very different musical backgrounds. For some of us, SMC is the first training ground, with guidance given by not just the choral director but fellow members as well.

SMC's Mission

SMC's mission is to connect people through the making and enjoyment of male choral music.

The objectives of SMC are:

  • To build a cohesive and sustainable environment for all men, who have a keen interest to sing and engage in making music in Singapore.
  • To perform publicly for the purpose of entertainment, education and fund raising.
  • To promote choral singing to the general public through concerts, street singing and other events.